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We are very laid back about what people upload onto BTDB and we expect the same coolness from you.
Obviously, we don't want any shit on uploaded. We trust that you won't do so. Don't abuse our trust or there will be consequences.


Please make sure you upload content that belongs on torrent sites. Keep the following in mind:

  • Child pornography is sickening and gives us a bad name, therefore we don't allow it here.
  • No scams, nor fake torrents! We know all the tricks, so don't try to find any loopholes.
  • Respect copyright! True, it's a torrent site, but that doesn't mean you should upload anything you want.
    Only upload torrents that contain your own material, or make sure that you are allowed to upload that material in your country.
  • BTDB is a public site. Passworded torrents and public sites don't go together. Don't password protect your content!
  • DHT & Private trackers. Again, BTDB is a public torrentsite. Private torrents don't belong here, so make sure your torrent has DHT enabled and is using public BitTorrent trackers.
Unlike others, we do take our torrent site seriously. If you mess with our site by uploading shit to it, we will block your IP! Obviously, we will also remove the submitted material that doesn't comply with our guidelines.

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